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Ultimately, progress will take place even though you might feel like your social life is being bulldozed over. Communication planet Mercury also enters fellow water sign Scorpio on October 3, bringing you news from faraway places. You're eager to travel, and this is a fantastic time if you're studying or trying to publish something!

Pisces Horoscope

Surprising news and brilliant ideas arrive as Mercury opposes genius Uranus on October 7. You may also find yourself suddenly changing your mind about something: A rebellious mood is in the air! Also on October 7, the sun clashes with Saturn, creating a heavy energy—rejection is in the air. Phases of your life are closing, and the sun's clash with taskmaster Saturn finds you moving through some growing pains.

Approaching life with as much maturity as possible is the best way to work with this energy.

Sexy, seductive Venus enters fellow water sign Scorpio on October 8, bringing a splash of good luck your way! Uranus is all about surprises and the unknown, and you're eager to experiment—you're so bored with the same old conversations and places you always revisit!

Pisces Love Horoscope

You want something fresh, and you may end a partnership at this time if it's too boring or limiting for you. Doing so can help you let something new in, especially as the sun connects with benefic Jupiter on this day. Communication planet Mercury makes a helpful connection with Saturn on October 14, creating a productive atmosphere for making plans and setting agreements. The sun also clashes with Pluto on that same day, so do watch out for shady people, power struggles, and big egos.

People are clinging onto control, but the harder they cling, the harder they'll fail.

October 12222 Horoscope: Predictions for Pisces

It's said that two things—death and taxes—are certain in life. Pluto happens to rule both, so the only way to work with this energy is to stay flexible, open-minded, honest, and to own your shadow. A spiritual breakthrough arrives on October 15 as Mercury connects with your ruling planet Neptune, currently in your sign. An empathetic energy for communication flows, and this is a wonderful time to dive deep into your spiritual beliefs and practice: Go see someone inspiring speak or dive into a book about something that's been stirring you spiritually!

Juicy information arrives as Mercury connects with Pluto on October This is also a powerful moment in your social life as you form deep bonds and talk about intense topics with others.

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Venus connects with Saturn on October 20, encouraging a helpful energy for planning commitments and for your social life—a much needed respite after this month's earlier dramas! You're learning who you can rely on and having a whimsically romantic time as Venus connects with your ruling planet Neptune on October 21! Scorpio season begins on October 23! New opportunities arrive as you emerge from the transformative portal that was Libra season.

Your Pisces Monthly Horoscope

Will it be a whimsical whirlwind, or will you be left paranoid and deflated by disappointment? Communication planet Mercury in its home sign of Virgo makes a harmonious connection with Uranus in Taurus on September 1, inspiring unexpected conversations and breakthroughs in connecting with others. Surprising information arrives! A supportive energy flows as Venus in Virgo connects with Saturn, the planet of structure, in Capricorn also on this day.

September 2 brings more excitement as the sun meets action planet Mars in Virgo, inspiring your partners to be brave and take a stand! Also on September 2, Venus clashes with Jupiter in Sagittarius, bringing a burst of fun and generosity.

This is a great time to partner with people and also stand in the spotlight. Just be careful about over-indulging! Mercury, Mars, and the sun meet on September 3, boosting communication in your relationships—however, the next day brings confusion, especially in your partnerships, as Venus opposes Neptune. But the vibe is weepy, and our vulnerabilities are especially sensitive at this time.

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Tread lightly. Take it slow, avoid any situations that could stir up paranoia, watch out for whiney attitudes, and be especially attuned to any martyr behavior or guilt trips—this is good advice all month, since Neptune will oppose quite a few planets in Virgo.

clublavoute.ca/nahoq-conocer-gente-joven.php A more grounding energy arrives as detail-minded Mercury connects with taskmaster Saturn in Capricorn on September 5, helping you and your partners hammer out responsibilities and commitments. Plenty of news is shared and the mood is busy at work as Mercury clashes with Jupiter on September 6.

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Also on this day, the sun connects with Saturn and Venus connects with Pluto, encouraging a supportive energy as you explore your relationships on a deeper, more intimate level. Watch out for lies or lazy calculations. A busy mood descends on September 8 as the sun clashes with Jupiter and Mercury connects with Pluto, bringing excitement to your career and finding you connecting with VIPs!

Mars connects with Saturn on September 9, encouraging you and your partners to strategize and turn your dreams and fantasies into reality This is a sensitive period, so be gentle with yourself and others. Instead, use this energy to get a lot of work done.

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when is pisces horoscope month When is pisces horoscope month
when is pisces horoscope month When is pisces horoscope month
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when is pisces horoscope month When is pisces horoscope month

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