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The origin of soul mates goes back to the beginning of time.

At the beginning of time when it was your turn to create your karmic path and your karmic destiny, you chose a Cabinet of people to do so with. That was your first task. With those people you created the blueprint of your destiny that would basically map out exactly what was going to happen to you from lifetime to lifetime.

You find those details written on your birth chart or astrological chart.

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The people you planned that with were your soul connections. The typical school of thought, however, is that Twin Flames are in their third and final Incarnation Lifetime, and thus will unite in full Twin Flame Union in order to complete the Divine Purpose. For example, they will both be Fire signs, etc. Your Astrological Zodiac sign should typically mesh with that of your Twin Flame. Finding your color-coded sign here will reveal in most cases, that your Twin Flame is of the same color.

Twin Flame Astrology: How to Really Read Natal Charts

See formula for Life Path Divination, below. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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  • You are commenting using your Facebook account. Every individual is different, therefore, you cannot set one specific type of standards to apply to all twin flame couples. It just isn't so.

    Full Moon in Aquarius Twin Flame Astrology Reading

    Astrologers will continue to search for a specific standard, yet will never find it because all individuals are different. This is not always true. Most of the Sun combinations tend to produce an essence of tension in twin flames. If it is not an unusual combination like previously mentioned, then they will have conjunct Suns.

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    Moon sign may or may not be harmonious. It is typically that "happy medium" between a sign that is extremely compatible and a sign that is extremely incompatible. A combination that may be used as an example is the Virgo-Libra moon combo.

    They are not entirely incompatible, but also are of opposite elements and gender Libra is masculine, Virgo is feminine. Having aspects between dual signs masculine and female are extremely important. If his Sun and Moon is masculine, her Sun and Moon should be feminine.

    What to Read Next

    Look for very significant rising aspects. For example, if your twin has two signs in Air and one in Earth, you may have two signs in Earth and one in Air to balance the equation.

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