Rooster 2020 january horoscope

Personality and characteristics

Unlucky Colors: White, Green. Lucky Directions: West, Northeast, Southeast. January is full of good fortune. It is time to celebrate. February is a month when you to save yourself from your enemies.

Chinese Horoscope 2020 For The 12 Animal Signs

March is a time to chase your dreams. Do not be distracted by temptations. April will be the time to listen to your inner voice and plan your future actions. May will be full of turmoil. Progress slowly and with caution.

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June will be financially rewarding and a successful period. July requires you to firm up your plans for the future. August will be a fabulous month with many pleasant things waiting. September is the time to be charitable to get respect from society. October is not a good time for senior family members. November is the time to stay away from controversies.

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Use the Mandarin Ducks to provide a loving environment, enhancing romance and relationship quality. Roosters take their work seriously. They are firm when making decisions and are very straightforward. They have strong opinions and are not afraid to voice them out. Roosters wish for large families as they seek refuge in them. The bigger their families are, the more people they can count on to encourage and support them.

They also never back down from challenges. When something or someone hinders their growth, they are not afraid to show their ferocity.

Rooster Horoscope 2020 Chinese Predictions

Once they lose their temper, they are most likely going to get into arguments and use different methods to convince others into their side. Men born in the year of the Rooster carefully consider every possible aspect before making a decision. They also handle their finances well and make sure everything is outlined clearly. These men are also helpful but are quite moody. Learning to control their volatile behavior should be one of their concerns.

Chinese Astrology Year of the Metal Rat Predictions by Donna Stellhorn

Women born in the year of the Rooster may seem plain but they are actually very caring and down to earth. They hate seeing others commit mistakes and are always willing to help anyone get back on their feet. These women are confident but have a tendency to crave for a position of high power. They also hate taking orders from others. The main danger in for you is the gullibility and desire to find compassion in the eyes of others. In moments of despair, you will experience a sense of hopelessness that will force you to open your soul literally in front of everyone you meet.

Keep your emotions and thoughts with you. Remember that secret enemies are near. They will certainly try to acquire information that in the future will help them to obstruct. Do not trust new fans who will assure you of their sincerity and seriousness in various ways. Many of them are interested only in minute entertainment, no more. And certainly you should not make far-reaching plans for the successful creation of strong relationships with one of these admirers.

If possible, communicate with time-tested men. At work, try to be in the shadows, without demonstrating your belligerence towards the protests of colleagues and superiors. This can put you in an uncomfortable position or it can lead to conflicts that will cause you to leave your job.

Quick facts about the Rooster

Owners of their own business, it is desirable to temporarily stop business, at least until the beginning of winter, and better until February Roosters can provide Dragons much needed support while seeing Dragons become successful gives Roosters a sense of pride. Roosters and Rabbits almost always have conflicting opinions and have difficulty trying to understand each other. Although Rooster and Dogs are able to tolerate each other, a relationship between them would be cold and full of tension.

Roosters should be able to enjoy a good year since several lucky stars are shining upon them in the year of the Rat. Numerous opportunities will be coming their way and they must be prepared to capitalize on them. Roosters will also be getting a lot of helping hands throughout the year. Their friends, colleagues, and superiors are going to be behind their backs in all endeavors. Nevertheless, they must still be cautious with their words and stay away from arguments as they can be more hurtful than knives.

The Peach Blossom luck is particularly strong on Roosters in the year of the Rat. This means that they will be getting a lot of opportunities to meet potential partners. Single Roosters have a good chance of finding someone special and must prepare to meet several new people.

One of the potential partners may even be their close friend or colleague. Roosters who are in a committed relationship may finally hear wedding bells and walk down the aisle. Married Roosters may also bring children to their families this year. However, they should learn to resist temptations as third parties will come out of nowhere to try and disrupt their unions.

2020 Chinese Five Element Astrology - Zodiac Year of the White Rat

Rooster, just like you will have strong emotions in your daily life, you will also feel more emotional in your romantic life. Chinese astrology asks you to try to be more creative and fun in your love life this year. If you are single, try to find out what you want in a partner before you go out looking for one. Chinese zodiac rooster tend to be the most compatible with people born in the year of the ox or year of the snake, so you might want to begin looking there.

This is a great year to strengthen your bonds with your current friends and family members, as well as repairing bonds with past friends. Will the rooster get married or get pregnant in ? Predictions for Love for the Roosters in the year of the Rat foretell that destiny is on your side in matters of love. Though there will be any number of opportunities to get into love relationships, you may still have a problem getting the right mate. If you can locate the right partner, he or she may be from your social circle or your own office. Only, you have to be highly watchful and impress the opposite sex.

There is a danger lurking for married couples in the year of the Rat. You may look for extra-marital flings. Hence if your marriage has to survive, you have to keep your spouse happy with your attention and warmth. The romance between you and your partner will flourish, and there are chances of the arrival of a new member in the family in the form of a child. Couples in confirmed relationships can see that their unions being solemnized into weddings.

This will be a very good way to tend the fire of passion in your life as a couple.

Your wish might be fulfilled this time.

rooster 2020 january horoscope Rooster 2020 january horoscope
rooster 2020 january horoscope Rooster 2020 january horoscope
rooster 2020 january horoscope Rooster 2020 january horoscope
rooster 2020 january horoscope Rooster 2020 january horoscope
rooster 2020 january horoscope Rooster 2020 january horoscope
rooster 2020 january horoscope Rooster 2020 january horoscope
rooster 2020 january horoscope Rooster 2020 january horoscope

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