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You are expected to cultivate the arts of compromise and detachment.

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Accomplishing these tasks may help you to put aside personal ego in partnerships. You also learn to relate to others with a sense of justice. Finally, you learn how to accept the need for balance in your personal life and in your environment. Not doing so may result in a situation in which you are biased in judgment, and this result could add to your agitation.

You may become demanding, in which case you could allow self-centeredness that deepens relationship inhibitions. Then you could fall into both indecisiveness and inertia. You are expected to learn total self-mastery. You will explore the limits of your desires and appetites, defining the limits not only in terms of self but also out of respect for the rights of others.

You will assist others in terms of mutual financial arrangements. You may deal with the dead or dying, healing, and good business practices in which you reform or recycle what is obsolete.

You may provide concrete assistance to enhance the security of a partnership, acquaint yourself with metaphysics in order to sharpen perspective, and gain a sense of collective values. You may also bring occult knowledge forward into the light.

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By doing these things, you may express an inner emotional need to reform, recycle, or find personal rebirth each time you are tested by appetites of the lower nature. Then you gain strength in the regenerative or healing forces of the higher realms, and you may be reborn to the higher self. You could be involved with the issues of working to gain the support of others as well. As a result, you may feel conflict and emotional insecurity.

You are expected to develop broad vision and a deeper understanding of the significance behind the facts. You may develop a new religious awareness or a philosophical view of things. You could become inspired by reaching toward higher truth. You may travel or attain a higher education, deal with legal principles, teach a class dealing with religion or philosophy, and editorialize, promote, or bring understanding to difficult situations. Doing these things may teach you to have faith in yourself, your abilities, and your goals in life.

You will learn that faith in yourself must come from faith in something outside the self. Not accomplishing your goals may incline you to accept a law or principle without looking past the facts to see how it will actually affect people. You will find it difficult to accept the accolades and rewards you have earned and, instead, drift aimlessly through life. You are expected to accept the fact that in carrying out your duties and obligations, you prepare yourself for positions of greater responsibility.

You need to accept limitations and diligently work through them. You will realize that you are being forced to develop organizational ability, caution, prudence, and patience.


You may possibly run for an office at a time when no one else wants the position. You need to accept limitations whether they are self- imposed or imposed by the outside world. Accomplishing these goals may make you aware of how much your organizing ability is needed. You will also purify the self through struggle and restriction. Not fulfilling these tasks may keep you from moving up to a higher position, due to your apparent undependability, instability, or excuses. You may claim that you lack the necessary time due to domestic considerations. You may experience inner conflict if you see yourself as the victim of an unstable environment.

You could also have subtle feelings of inferiority from your lack of discipline. You are expected to deal with all kinds of people, even those you feel you cannot tolerate.

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You need to accept the idea that you are one among equals. Doing these things may help you avoid feelings of superiority. You are not too important to bother with being a friend. You will learn to overcome your own ego.

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Not accomplishing the above tasks may mean that you become the object of intolerant treatment from any group you are prejudiced against. You may be blocked by those you oppose, simply because they decline to create the future openings you need. Accomplishments become meaningless, and the impact you hope to make on the world falls well short of your expectations.

Neptune in the Houses

You are expected to develop selflessness and cultivate emotional or psychological insights rather than the practical, material insights that come more naturally to you. People want you to develop compassion and the ability to listen to people who may be hurting inside and simply need to know that someone cares. You may decide to serve in areas of confinement, institutions, or places where work must be done quietly behind the scenes. You will also need to accept the fact that we are children of the universe and are here in order to convey the ideal of infinite love and beauty to our less aware brethren.

If you accomplish the above tasks, you may grow through contact with the very people you have assisted. You will gain insights above and beyond practical considerations, and you will realize that you are basically secure in your knowledge of the scheme of things. Not doing so you turn back into yourself, only to rediscover things you already know. This could generate a sense of futility, which can lead to despair and self-destruction.

You find it relatively easy to be a person of importance. Your own self-esteem attracts prominent people to you, and the risks you take are usually sound. Being in charge of others and coming before the public are areas in which you are comfortable. A woman or women in your life may be the catalyst for finding the emotional life you want.

Sometimes this occurs within the family. You are seen as a nurturer to others as well as yourself. You are expected to be the heart of your family, helping others to find their lives worthwhile. You need people with good communicative skills in your life who will stimulate you mentally. A sibling or spouse may fulfill this role. Since you take a mental view of life, education is important. Pets and automobiles are often part of your life. You are often expected to rely on your charm and good looks to advance in life. Money is usually plentiful and important to you.

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There is a love of beautiful possessions and an active social life for which you are willing to put out a lot of effort. There is usually popularity too. You have to develop the tact and charm to overcome this. You could attract aggressive or assertive people, which may be to your benefit if you handle it well.

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Some people with this aspect, such as policemen, carry weapons. Use your own assertiveness to get the things you want. Much is expected of you since you have the potential for outstanding achievements. You may have been born into a privileged family or one that values education highly. The fields of law, publishing, or higher education may attract you. You are tolerant of foreigners or those of a different background.

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Far from having a negative impact, your characteristics of seriousness and sense of responsibility are assets.

neptune in virgo cafe astrology Neptune in virgo cafe astrology
neptune in virgo cafe astrology Neptune in virgo cafe astrology
neptune in virgo cafe astrology Neptune in virgo cafe astrology
neptune in virgo cafe astrology Neptune in virgo cafe astrology
neptune in virgo cafe astrology Neptune in virgo cafe astrology
neptune in virgo cafe astrology Neptune in virgo cafe astrology
neptune in virgo cafe astrology Neptune in virgo cafe astrology

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