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A Study of Astrology, 1971

Mark has done thousands of astrological consultations — in person, by telephone and e-mail, and minute and 1-hour consultations — during more than four decades of professional work. He has appeared on TV, been interviewed on radio and by newspapers, and lectured at many conferences. He organized and created two successful Planet Earth Astrology conferences in and — each conference attended by over subscribers.

For more information on his consultations, the School of Planetary Studies astrological course with 36 1-hour CDs-classes , wide variety of astrological reports in. The photograph accompanying this information is Mark Lerner at around the age of He is now considerably grayer and in his 60s, but remains very youthful at heart!

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Thanks for the tip, Pearl! To the Uranian mindset, this indeed seems like an appropriate place to trash using modern deadly weapons. Then it was from about through early Even the earliest California settlers were used to multiple minor earthquakes. About six months later it was time for the San Francisco peninsula to get, uh-huh, all shook up. A tremendous 8. Statewide nightmarish devastation, long-standing new inland lakes and of course much prolonged disruption of routines.

The governor arrived for his inauguration via rowboat on the canal like streets of state capital, Sacramento.

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Native Americans in the region expected this, but not the greedy white guys who stole their land. The same transits are coming for California in a few years.

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The big difference now, of course, is dramatically larger populations, vast high and wide infrastructure, dangerous toxic dangers of various sorts, etc. Further, Neptune continuing to transit all the way through Pisces through as late at , continue to oppose every California Virgo placement.

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Neptune is no bad guy, no pissed off punitive Yahweh. Go To the seashore. Watch the waves rush to the shore, crashing or gently kissing the shore. Neptune has come to His Wife, Earth.

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Then, with equal urgency, the waves return to whence they came. Neptune returns to His Beloved Amphitrite. Neptune is Earth Shaker. Did the Earth Shake? When fracking gang-banging raping of Gaia, the Earth goes on, earthquakes follow.

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Science can explain it all, but the astrological and mythological correspondence still works. Agnosticism is an intellectually healthy option. Note that birds, animals and non-modernized indigenous people know when earthquakes are coming and save themselves.

This happened on an indigenous-only small island as recently as the Boxing Day tsunami. Speaking of animals, think about the dog or cat that knows it is time to jump off the bed when the humans start their lovemaking. When Neptune comes for his Beloved, get out of Their way!

Maybe that is so, maybe not. Maybe instead we live on Mother Earth and if human mess too much with Her, Neptune will take action. So, heads up, Californians: it is time to wake up from that beautiful 60s California dream, with beautiful sea, beautiful beach, beautiful weather and beautiful young bodies. Those surfer girls are octogenarians now, or gone with the tides of time.

Course Description. In this twelve-part series, Demetra George provides an in-depth discussion on each the twelve houses. In one of the most comprehensive teachings on the astrological houses, Demetra traces the meaning of each house from past to present, exploring traditional meanings while illuminating their evolving meaning through the present modern interpretations. Compare and contrast ancient and modern significations of each house.

Astrology isn’t science, but your horoscope is more real than you think

Discover the underlying rationale that connects the various significations. Learn the connection between the joys of the houses and the ancient names of each house.

See how benefic and malefic planets operate differently in each house, and how they either realize or obstruct the positive topics or prevent or activate the difficult expressions.

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astrology eugene oregon Astrology eugene oregon
astrology eugene oregon Astrology eugene oregon

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