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Real fun to be around and appreciates the littlest things you do. Capricorn : Former best friend. Funny, loyal and playful. A little blur at times, smart and great sense of fashion. Will help you out at the darkest of times and is fun to be around. Aquarius : Good friend. Crazy, wild and smart. Sings really well and cares more about herself at times than others. Great and very fun to be around. Okay no i suck at describing me A good friend.

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Loud at times and very attention seeking. Will not stand any kind of shit in any form, and will retaliate back with words that hurt worse than a beating. Great listener, crazy, wild and has a good sense of humor.

there are 336 nuanced personalities that the world is reduced to. ;p

Makes an exception if it is someone she really cares about. Aries: A lightly sweetened juice of the rare purple berries from the misty blue forests of the fairies, served with rounded ice cubes. Taurus: A translucent, lavender concoction comprised of flower extracts, contributing to the beautiful coloring, and a smooth apple taste.

Gemini: A floral tea infused with herbs from the faraway royal gardens and smelling of white roses and nostalgia.

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Leo: A clear water that swirls and sparkles beautifully with all colors of the spectrum when stirred, then somehow settles back clear. Libra: Tapioca mixed with a blend of melon, and topped with a handful of a rare variety of health-generating sugar crystals. Scorpio: A transparent, aqua drink of unknown composition, prepared by a hidden shop that otherwise sells magic-enhancing potions. Sagittarius: An icy mix of sweet apples and peaches, infused with extracts of a seed said in ancient scripts to enhance healing ability.

This flower emphasises your personality

Capricorn: A bubbly golden cider, tasting faintly of sunlight and bright mornings, a favorite of knights and fighters due to its long-lasting energizing effect. Aquarius: A green tea that floats upon a layer of a glittering, gold liquid, derived from mountain spring water and the pearls of the unclaimed deep seas.

Pisces: A light blue swirling mix of transparent and translucent portions, with an added drop of water from the fountain of youth in the deepest, most dangerous caves.

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  • A continuation of the 12 signs as moments in a magical adventure: x. Useful Tip: Read your monthly horoscope for both your Sun and Rising sign. It captures a more accurate picture of your month ahead! External image. Log in Sign up.

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    The signs of the zodiac. The polarity divides the zodiac into two parts First, starting with Aries, there are six positive signs, also called male signs, alternating with six negative signs or feminine signs. Next come the modes which divide the zodiac into three parts It is the quadricity of the zodiac. The cardinal signs are enterprising, they initiate change, move things forward. The fixed signs consolidate, they preserve and reinforce change, they are tenacious, focused and determined. The mutable signs are flexible and changing, they adapt and adjust.

    The elements We speak of triplicity of the zodiac. They are fire, earth, air, water. Why the signs are still single. Aries : they can frighten and not always put people at ease. Taurus : With them, food passes before love. Gemini : People do not take them seriously. Cancer : they are too defensive and too isolated. Virgo : they are shy and sometimes leave false impressions. Libra : they flirt too much with everyone.

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    Scorpio : they intimidate people too much. Sagittarius : Too much player, which does not always please in love.

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    Aquarius : they seem unapproachable. The signs as my favourite words. If so, what are your teams?

    Zodiac the 12 signs astrology maggie astrology Aries taurus Gemini Cancer leo virgo libra scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces shakespeare romeo and juliet. The Signs as Breathtaking, Natural Phenomena. Signs Most Prone to Mental Illness. Cancer : Acquaintance. Very annoying, but is thoughtful and caring. The signs pet peeves. February Monthly Horoscope Links.

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    By Amanda Mitchell. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Horoscopes Apr 27, Horoscopes Dec 29, By The AstroTwins. Weekly Horoscopes Feb 6, Aquarius Weekly Horoscope Here's what's in store for you the week of February 6. By Chelsea Rickling. Taurus Apr May Gemini May June Cancer Jun Jul Leo Jul Aug Virgo Aug Sep Libra Sep Oct Scorpio Oct Nov Sagittarius Nov Dec Capricorn Dec Jan Aquarius Jan Feb Pisces Feb Mar Switzerland or bust?

    aquarius horoscope elle uk Aquarius horoscope elle uk
    aquarius horoscope elle uk Aquarius horoscope elle uk
    aquarius horoscope elle uk Aquarius horoscope elle uk
    aquarius horoscope elle uk Aquarius horoscope elle uk
    aquarius horoscope elle uk Aquarius horoscope elle uk
    aquarius horoscope elle uk Aquarius horoscope elle uk
    aquarius horoscope elle uk Aquarius horoscope elle uk
    aquarius horoscope elle uk Aquarius horoscope elle uk
    Aquarius horoscope elle uk

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