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Haha, I've always been obsessed with shoes :P I loove wearing lolita shoes with normal outfits, it brightens them up and prettifies them! And yes I shall force my friends muahaha :P Though they will like Akihabara since we're all a bit otaku, and Harajuku shouls be interesting enough. And A few of us are huuge fans of Pokemon, so we are definitely planning to spend a lot of time shopping in a Pokemon Center store x3. Oh dear, I don't remember exactly how much it was. Nice report!

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The photo with the japanese students is cute XD. Long time no see. So many photos!

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You're like a celebrity in Japan! I thought that was so adorable how everyone wanted a photo with the sweet Loli! X3 You're so lucky you got to go to all of these wonderful shops! Haha yes, I put on maaany pictures! I like so many of them and I always love reading blogs with lots of pictures too. XD I felt quite honoured people wanted my picture, hihi. The Japanese, polite and courteous, not rushing to get into trains or shoving you??

Must be nice to be on a short vacation and have the best timing ever because I've been living in Tokyo for a year and a half and: 1. There is trash all over the Yamanote trains such as empty beer cans. Didn't used to be, but there are now. It's sad. People talk on their phones, less so than in Europe or the US, but they do, and they don't even talk in a small voice or cover their mouth like they used to. When they don't talk on the phone they talk to the people with them, EXTREMELY loud; if there are only seats across from each other open, they'll talk to each other from across the way.

Yesterday some guy was walking against traffic, saw me, looked right at my face, and elbowed me in the ribs, then kept walking. People don't walk straight so if you try to walk next to them to pass them them will inevitably crash into you. I used to apologize, but I've had too many shoes scuffed and too many bruises to bend over when it's not my fault anymore. Shakira and Pancho freshly groomed by our grooming salon crew! Y'all didn't know I was about that Guilty Gear life, huh?

To this day, these are still my favorite fighting videogame designs! As you go through the exhibit hall, you answer questions that help shape your character. You can also pick their career, species, and personality. For the last question, you're asked to join the dark side of the force Would you accept?

Well, at least I got to wear my new L'aristocratie hat instead of waiting til next year! But it is my fault for that fail decision, but I hope they will be soon again in Europe I will even pray in every way which will be needed to. Today was about clowning around and crepes! We had a lot of fun!!! We be steppin out. The prompt was ghost. As you can tell, I always look really cool. The outfit was mainly just an excuse to wear the shirt, which just arrived in the mail last week. The Garden of Despair beckons thee!

Click the image and go to our brand page to see the special sale price! Share this post to help this wonderful handmade and hand embroidered piece get a new home!

Angelic pretty dream sky salopette

Happy Spooktober everyone! I love it and I cant wait for all the spooky Halloween coords, pumpkins and cute witches! I still can't believe how far myself and all my friends have come in our lives. And here I am. In a house with the love of my life, surrounded by my best friends, my animals. Tag: angelic pretty. People rush into the trains all the time. She wears dotted patterns, striped socks, minihat and a leather jacket a lot making the outfit have punk-ish, rebellious vibe while still being fantastically pulled together. Not my style but very wearable!

She also often wears turtlenecks under JSKs, making it instantly more casual and practical. My favorite outfits of hers are:. Angelic Pretty's Fantastic Dolly, because these dots and lavender are just refreshing. Bodyline's dress. Angelic Pretty's Sugary Carnival, because.. And the coat is cute :.

All her outfits can be found on This website! ParfaitDoll also wrote about Deka Wanko :. November 15, Angelic Pretty Luckypacks.

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Overview of Angelic Pretty's luckypacks, the whole print set ones issued for the New year. October 23, Angelic Pretty's Wonder Party. I really liked the print in sax from first sight but seeing it in person in , I made my mind about buying it. The dress is definetly sweet, yet the teacup motif gives it a light classical vibe - no animals or foods! As the dress is quite expensive so I got a skirt..

I needed a fancy skirt anyway!

DS: Angelic Pretty Dreamy Horoscope Salopette in Pink $270 or best offer

October 16, Angelic Pretty's Dreamy Horoscope. Blouse: Bodyline. OTKs: Secret Shop. Socks: ebay. Bag: offbrand. Not pictured: white Dreamy Horoscope barette. Here's the finished navy x pink outfit I wore for the June meetup! I even tried to make it work with a navy long sleeved shirt using wristcuffs! October 14, Best way to keep up with blog updates. Lolita fashion is one of the niche interests where blogging is very common. We read each other blogs for fun and inspiration.

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However, when reading a handful of blogs, it may become hard to keep track of them. So I started to look into best way to track updates of my favorites. Web browser bookmarks The most simple way. Just bookmark the blogs into one bookmark folder. I have been using this and unless you just sometimes read a few blogs, I don't recommend it. You have to manually check each blog and see if there is anything new. Follow blogs on Blogspot Blogspot has a functionality which allows you to follow other blogspot blogs. Then they appear in a list of blogs you follow and you can conveniently read new blog posts in Blogspots Reading List.

angelic pretty dreamy horoscope salopette Angelic pretty dreamy horoscope salopette
angelic pretty dreamy horoscope salopette Angelic pretty dreamy horoscope salopette
angelic pretty dreamy horoscope salopette Angelic pretty dreamy horoscope salopette
angelic pretty dreamy horoscope salopette Angelic pretty dreamy horoscope salopette
angelic pretty dreamy horoscope salopette Angelic pretty dreamy horoscope salopette
angelic pretty dreamy horoscope salopette Angelic pretty dreamy horoscope salopette
angelic pretty dreamy horoscope salopette Angelic pretty dreamy horoscope salopette

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